hp printer troubleshooting

It certainly feels annoying when you need to print a document quickly, and your printer refuses to cooperate with you. Although HP Printers Troubleshooting are renowned for their high quality and high-speed printing, yet sometimes they may present some problems that you need to troubleshoot immediately. People commonly complain of getting streaky lines in their images and error messages. Paper jams and printer driver problems are other issues that need resolutions.

hp printer troubleshooting

Therefore, it is essential to understand the correct HP Printer Troubleshooting methods for various problems. In this article, you’ll find how to rectify most HP printer issues and how to work with them efficiently.

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HP Printer Troubleshooting for Common Printer Problems

Although dependable, HP printers can become problematic at certain points in time. So, you must know how to fix common problems related to them.


Paper Jam

A printer can jam because of being dirty or having worn-out rollers. To resolve this problem, ensure that you have correctly aligned the paper in the tray. Generally, taking the paper away from the unit and then lining it up to the feeding elements will resolve the issue. Also, remember that your paper tray has a particular paper capacity. Its recommended that you check your HP printer’s user guide to find the maximum paper capacity. 

Another thing to note is to ensure that the paper type setting on the menu of the printer matches your present print job. In case the settings are disabled, a thicker paper can create a paper jam. Changing the paper type can effectively fix this problem. 


Ghost Jam

Sometimes the HP printer says that a paper jam has occurred, but you find that there’s no paper jam. This problem is called a ghost jam. It is due to a mechanical problem. But don’t worry, you can start troubleshooting HP printer in this situation by examining the mechanical parts that surround the ghost jam. Real paper jams can leave small shredded paper bits between gears in the HP printer.

The gears move the rear duplexer. It makes the printer think that there’s something in the duplexer. When you assess the mechanical parts around the ghost jam, ensure they are clean and operate smoothly. It will fix the issue.


Print Quality Issues

At times, you may get problems with the quality of the print. The color or black ink may not get printed, or the printouts may come faded. Follow this HP printer troubleshooting guide to resolve quality issues.

  • Reinstall the printer driver. Switch off the HP printing device.
  • Hit the ‘Windows’ key and launch the Control Panel.
  • Navigate to ‘Devices and Printers’ and right-tap on it. 
  • Upon seeing your printer name, tap on it to uninstall or remove it. 
  • You’ll see some guidelines when you go to the ‘Printers’ section. Adhere to them for removing the printer.
  • Now, remove all HP icons on the desktop. 
  • After removing the printer driver, reinstall it. It will fix the problem.


New Cartridge Not Working Problem

Sometimes, you might install a new cartridge but find it not working. An error message will pop up on the display. But you can fix it by adhering to the HP troubleshooting printer technique given below.

  • Firstly, reinstall your old cartridge to your unit. If it is acknowledged by the device, replace it with the new one. The printer will accept it and start working.
  • New cartridges are sealed at the ink nozzle. You need to remove the seal for the ink to flow. So, always install a new cartridge after removing it.
  • Run an extended cleaning cycle. It will eliminate unwanted ink blockages, and the ink will start flowing again.


Printer Hardware Issues

Hardware problems are common in HP printers. So many people desire to know HP printers troubleshooting for these issues. You can stick to the following fixes to resolve printer hardware problems.

  1. Inspect the power cord – USBs can decay over time. They need replacement. But since there aren’t any indication systems like your computer or printing device on them, so you don’t know when they require replacement. You can try to substitute the printer with a different cable. It is also a good idea to have an additional connector cord. 
  2. Check the RAM – Today’s printers are extremely advanced devices. Many printing models have a kind of memory for storing all print jobs. If you find that the printer is connecting but not printing at a fast rate, it is likely that there’s a memory shortage. The printer may have run out of RAM/memory.


Slow Printing Speed Issue

Slow prints are a result of outdated software or poor wireless connection. To fix it, check that your HP printer driver and software is updated. Navigate to the ‘Support‘ page to find the recent software update. In case of a wireless connection problem, bring your printer nearer to the router so that you get a strong connection. Additionally, check the printer quality settings you have configured. If you have configured the ‘Best’ setting, your HP device will take some time to print.


Printing From the Incorrect Paper Tray

When the printer is printing from an incorrect paper tray, you may encounter issues in the print jobs. To resolve it:

  1. Check your application to know whether it is set to print to the incorrect paper tray. If it is, then correct it.
  2. Tap on ‘Printer Properties’ and locate the source of ‘Tray Selection.’
  3. Ensure that the size of your paper corresponds to the tray from which you are attempting to print. 


HP Printer Offline Issue

Often, the HP printer shows an offline message. You can bring your printer back online by troubleshooting the printer’s spooler settings. Apart from that, you can also inspect the printer and network connection and set your HP printer as default. 


Troubleshoot printer spooler settings

For troubleshooting HP printer that is offline, follow these steps.

  • Input ‘Services.msc’ on the ‘Run’ box and click ‘OK.’
  • Find the ‘Print Spooler’ option from the items listed. 
  • Right-tap it and choose ‘Stop.’ It will halt the print spooler services.
  • Tap on your address bar and input ‘C:\Windows\System32\Spool\Printer.’ Click ‘OK.’
  • Delete all your files from the printer folder. It will clean the printing queue.
  • Navigate to ‘Print Spooler’ and right-tap it. 
  • Choose ‘Start’ to begin the spooler service.
  • As a last step, restart your computer and HP printer.

1. Inspect the printer and network connection

For checking the printer and network connection, turn off your device for 30 seconds. Then, turn it on. Additionally, ensure that the cable is firmly plugged and your router is working properly.

2. Set your HP printer as the default

To set your printer as default, open the settings of ‘Printers & scanners.’ Tap the printer device and select ‘Open queue.’ After that, tap ‘Printer’ and select ‘Set as default printer.’


HP Printer Not Printing Black.

Another common problem with HP printers is the device not printing black. You can fix this issue by employing the HP Print and Scan Doctor. 

  • Download the setup wizard of this software. 
  • Tap ‘HPPS.dr.exe’ to install this software on your system.
  • Next, select ‘Start’ and choose your printer. Then hit the ‘Next’ button.
  • Now choose the option of ‘Fix printing.’
  • You’ll notice that the HP Print and Scan Doctor shows wrench icons. It depicts that it fixed an issue. Close the troubleshooter and print again.
  • You can also see an ‘X’ icon. If this happens, continue with the troubleshooter and adhere to the guidelines it gives you to resolve the issue.


HP Wireless Printer Connection To The Wireless Network

Many people face problems in executing the right HP printer wireless setup. You can connect a wireless HP printer to a Wi-Fi network by following these steps.

  • Switch on the wireless printer. Use the touchscreen to link our wireless network.
  • Hit the right arrow key on the touchscreen. Then press ‘Setup.’
  • Choose ‘Network’ from the setup menu.
  • From the ‘Network’ menu, choose ‘Wireless Setup Wizard.’ It will commence searching for the wireless routers.
  • From the given list, choose your ‘Network (SSID).’
  • Input the network’s WPA/WEP Passphrase and tap ‘Done.’
  • Hit ‘OK’ for confirming the settings.
  • Now press ‘OK’ for printing a wireless report.


The HP Printer Keeps Disconnecting From The Network.

Repeated disconnection by the HP printer from the network implies that there’s an issue with your router’s firmware. You can find the recent firmware from the support page of the router present in its manual. After you download the latest firmware, restart the router and check the printer’s connection. If you don’t find any improvement, start a clean install of the HP printer on the device you are employing to print. Follow these steps.

  • Switch on and unplug your printer.
  • Uninstall any HP printer software. You can find it in the ‘Apps and Features.’
  • Go to the ‘Control Panel’ and remove the printer by right-clicking it. 
  • Next, restart your HP printer.
  • Extract the downloaded file and then run the setup as administrator.


Final Words 

Hopefully, the various HP printer troubleshooting techniques outlined in this article will enable you to fix all common issues. Follow them and start printing documents smoothly as before. However, don’t hesitate to connect with HP support experts if you cannot resolve any of the problems. The technical experts are there to help you use your device efficiently at all times.