HP Printer Fuser Error

HP printers are renowned worldwide for their printing and scanning capabilities. The LaserJet printers from the brand are particularly popular among people. However, they are also vulnerable to various errors. One of them is an HP printer fuser error

The fuser unit is a critical part of the HP laser printer. It is what helps merge the ink on the sheet, resulting in a printed page. However, over the course of its usage, the unit can become worn out. In such a case, you will find an alert from it in the control panel window of your printer. 

In this article, you’ll learn about the various fuser error codes, their causes, and how to fix them. 

HP Printer Fuser Error

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Different Types of HP Printer Fuser Errors 

The fuser error on your HP printer implies the increasing temperature of this part. This error is common in HP Laserjet 4250, 4350, 4240, and 5200 models. Out of all the error codes, the HP printer fuser error 50.3 is the most common. 


Here’s what different kinds of errors indicate:

  1. The fuser error 50.1 and 50.6 errors are due to the thermistor’s low temperature. 
  2. The 50.2 fuser error is because the fuser is not getting sufficient heat to begin operating. 
  3. Another error is the 50.3 fuser error, which occurs when the thermistor’s temperature is very high. 
  4. A circuit failure results in the 50.4 bad fuser error. 
  5. A low fuser temperature causes the HP 50.7 fuser error. 
  6. Users commonly see the 50.8 fuser error if the thermistor’s temperature is very high.
  7. Finally, the HP 50.9 fuser error occurs because of the wrong fuser installation in the printer. 


Other causes behind these errors are as follows:

  • You may encounter fuser errors while trying to print a paper that is incompatible with your HP Laserjet printer. 
  • If your printer temperature registers a sudden, instantaneous increase, it will lead to a loss of the fuser kit.
  • A corrupt registry in the operating system can also cause these errors. 
  • Improperly functioning printer’s power circuit can also cause these errors. 


Resolutions for the HP Printer Fuser Error

Now that you are aware of the different types of errors and their causes let’s jump into the fixes.


 1.  Reset your printer.

This is the first fix to clear the fuser error message on your computer screen. 

  • Start by pressing the power button on the printer. Turn it off.
  • Disconnect the cord at the machine’s back.
  • After half a minute, link the power cord back.
  • Turn on your printer vis its power button.
  • Let it start fully.
  • You may not see the fuser error message this time.
  • Give a print command.
  • But if the fuser temperature turns very hot, wait for 25 minutes before reconnecting the power cord.

POINT TO REMEMBER: If you encounter the 50.7 fuser error in HP LaserJet P4014, P4015, and P4515, restart the printer. Try removing the fuser and resetting it. 


2.  Examine for a faulty surge protector.

Power issues commonly result in an HP printer fuser error. They happen mainly because of a faulty surge protector. Check for it using these steps.

  • Turn off your HP printer.
  • Now, take out the cord from its back.
  • Unplug the power cord if using a surge protector.
  • Plug this cord into a wall socket.
  • Now, re-link this cord to your printer.
  • Turn on the printing machine and let it start.
  • Give a print command and check if the error is there.


3. Take out the printer fuser and reset it.

If you are facing the 50.2 fuser error in the HP Laserjet Pro 400, reset the fuser.

  • Begin by switching off your printer.
  • Also, unplug it.
  • Remove the printer’s fuser and install it again.
  • Push the fuser inside the printer. 
  • Keep doing this till a click sound comes.
  • Now slide the fuser back and forth.
  • Plug back your device and power it on.
  • This process will reset the fuser.
  • You will not see the 50.2 fuser error message. 


4. Stop pending print jobs. 

Sometimes the pending print jobs cause a huge load on the printer’s fuser. So, you will see the fuser error message on your Laserjet Pro 200. Cancel the pending jobs to fix this error. 

  • Use the cross button if you have an HP printer with buttons.
  • If you have a touchscreen HP printer, touch the ‘Cancel’ or ‘Stop’ icon.
  • After canceling the print jobs, start your HP printer again. 

5. Take steps to preserve the printer’s quality.

If you are still asking how to fix the fuser error on an HP printer, consider maintaining the printer’s quality. Follow these tips to clear this error. 

  • There should be sufficient space between your HP printer and the room’s walls. 
  • Similarly, don’t keep furniture items very close to the printing machine. 
  • Maintain a distance between the printer and objects that can exhaust it.
  • Your printer should also remain at a distance from papers, books, and files.


6.  Perform an HP printer fuser replacement.

The last resort is to replace the fuser of the HP printer. Before doing so, turn off the printer and order a replacement part from the official HP website.

  • Start by removing the duplex accessory. 
  • After that, remove the cover of the duplex accessory.
  • The next step is to open the rear output bin.
  • When it opens, squeeze out the hinge pin from its mounting hole.
  • When the hinge pin is released, slide the output bin to the left. It will remove it.
  • The next step is removing the fuser.
  • Remember that it might be very hot at this point. Let it cool for five minutes.
  • Find the fuser release tabs in blue and squeeze them.
  • This will remove the fuser.
  • Take out the new replacement fuser.
  • Position it on your printer and push it toward it to install it.
  • The fuser should be seated into your printer correctly.
  • Now, position the right hinge pin.
  • Rotate the output bin toward your printer.
  • Now, install the left hinge pin.
  • The final steps are installing the duplex accessory cover and the duplex accessory.


Summing up

The measures listed in this article will help you resolve the major causes of the HP printer fuser error. Resetting the printer, checking for faulty surge protector, and replacing the fuser are ideal ways to clear the error. If you still need more assistance, contact an HP printer technical expert.