Are you facing printing issues and looking for some expert help? Use the hp print and scan doctor, a free tool by hp printers. It helps users deal with printer issues, eliminate them and scan the printer and ensure if an error exists.

But how do you get this tool? How does it work and what issue can it resolve? You must have these questions. No worries! Here, we bring you this guide in order to help you learn the hp printer and scan doctor easily and use it without any hassle.

HP Print and Scan Doctor
HP Print and Scan Doctor

Issues You can Fix with the HP Print And Scan Doctor

The tool Hp print and scan doctor is a tool that is freely available for windows. The software can fix issues related to printers and scanners. For that, you can get the tool online and install it on your system.

It can fix common printing issues such as corrupt print drivers, firewall issues, connectivity issues, and many others listed below:

  • The printer driver is not working properly
  • Availability issues
  • Firewall problems
  • Check the error message
  • Disconnect the printer
  • Printing tasks getting stuck in the printing line
  • Scan error messages
  • Printer being offline
  • Corrupted HP printer drivers
  • Missing Printer Drivers
  • Printer connectivity issues

Hence, if you face any of these issues as listed above or related, get the hp print scan doctor download and fix the issue.

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Steps to Download & Install the HP Print And Scan Doctor

The motive of the hp print scan doctor tool is to identify and resolve the issue between your system and the hp printer.

To use the tool, you need to download it first and install it. Here are the steps to download and install hp print scan doctor:


Step 1: HP Print and Scan Doctor Download:

Follow the steps below for the hp print and scan doctor download to your windows system:

  • First, turn on your hp printer.
  • Connect it to the system (PC or laptop).
  • Download the HP Print and Scan Doctor online.

Step 2: HP Print and Scan Doctor Install:

As you are done with the print and scan doctor download, follow the steps to install it below:

  • Go to the download section of your computer or press Ctrl+J.
  • Now, double-click on the downloaded file.
  • Run the file named HPPSdr.exe and a window will open.
  • Now, tap on the Start button to select your printer.
  • If you cannot see your printer model listed, tap on the Retry button.
  • As you see your printer name, select it.
  • Click Next.
  • Moving forward, either select Fix Printing or fix the scanning option.
  • As you click on it, test results will appear on your screen as follows:
  • Green Checkmark means your printer has passed the test.
  • A wrench tool icon shows that an issue was found and repaired automatically by the print scan doctor hp.
  • An Exclamation mark shows that your printer failed a test but it was skipped.
  • A Cross mark shows that your printer has a problem which you can resolve following the instructions mentioned on the screen.
  • Besides that, you can run additional diagnostics in order to collect printer information, verify network status, and other details.

Additional Diagnostic Function You Can Perform With Print Scan Doctor Tool

These are the different ways you can use the diagnostic tool and resolve additional issues that occur in QuickBooks.

1. Check Print Quality:

The software hp print scan doctor is a quick tool to troubleshoot printing quality issues. Here is how you can do it:

  • Launch the print scan doctor tool on your system.
  • Tap on Printer Services.
  • Then, tap the print quality diagnostics page to get the print of the sample document.

2. Align Print Cartridges:

If you face any issue with your printer cartridge, here is how print and scan doctor hp can help you:

  • Launch the print scan doctor tool on your system.
  • Tap on Printer Services.
  • Then, tap on the Align Printhead option and wait for the result.

3. Check Network Information and Status:

  • Open the tool.
  • Select network.
  • Then tap on Show Advance Info to see the computer IP address, network signal strength, security types, and internet status.
  • Further, you can tap on Show Wireless Info to see the following info: a list of nearby networks and a network key.

4. Troubleshoot Firewall Issue:

  • Open the tool to select the network.
  • Then tap on the option Troubleshooting firewalls.
  • Next, follow the instructions to fix any firewall issue or tap Firewall Help/Online Firewall Help for more information.


5. Check Ink Toner & Verify Cartridge Level:

  • Tap on the Printer.
  • Then select Supply Levels.
  • Here, see the details: ink and toner cartridge numbers, warranty status, and installed date.


6. Get Printer Hardware & Software Details:

  • Tap on Printer to select Advanced Printer Data.
  • From here, get the necessary details such as serial number, warranty status, software, and firmware versions, and printhead information.

Want to Delete HP Print And Scan Doctor

If you get the prompt to reinstall an existing Hp printer and scan doctor tool, then, it is recommended to either update or delete to install the tool again.

Following are the steps to delete the print and scan doctor hp tool:

  • On your system windows, locate the program’s current location.
  • Then, right-click on the tool icon Hp scan and print doctor.
  • Now, select the open file location.
  • Then, tap Delete.


When the HP Print And Scan Doctor Cannot Find Your Printer

If your printer is missing and the tool print and scan doctor hp cannot find it, here is what you can do:

A. For Wireless Printer:

Try these tips to find your wireless printer:

  • First, restart both your printer and the computer. It will clear the operations and help you find the printer.
  • Verify the printer connection. For that ensure that the blue light appears on the printer. Further, check that the printer is connected to the same network your printer is connected to.
  • Always make sure that there is an obstacle such as wood or metal placed between the printer and computer. And, keep the router close to the printer.
  • If the printer does not get connected to the network automatically, connect them manually. Many printers have a built-in wireless setup wizard on the printer. You can follow its instructions and connect the printer to the network.
  • Further, if you are experiencing slow internet or an interruption in internet speed, restart your router. Or you can consult your Internet Service Provider, router manufacturer, or network administrator.
  • Confirm that your router bandwidth settings are correct.
  • Sometimes, the antivirus program in your system prevents the smooth functioning of the printer. It may restrict the computer from accessing the printer.
  • Devices that emit radio signals such as microwaves, wireless telephones, etc should be kept away from the printer.
  • Lastly, for wireless printers, you also connect it via IP address.

B. For Wired (Ethernet) Printer:

Follow these tips to avoid the connectivity issue in wired printers.

  • First, try restarting your system and the printer. It mitigates errors and ends background apps running on your system.
  • Next, make sure that your printer is connected to the wired network. For that check that the light (green) on the printer’s ethernet port is steady. Also, orange light is blinking when the cable is connected to the printer.
  • If everything goes as mentioned above, verify your cables. See if all cables you are using are absolutely fine. There is no default or cut on the wires.
  • Further, ensure that the ethernet cable rear(front) part is connected to the printer.

C. USB Printer connection:

If your hp scan and the print doctor can’t find the USB connection, follow these tips to mitigate an issue.

  • As mentioned earlier, first, restart the system and try to connect the printer with your computer.
  • Next, disconnect your USB cable and reconnect it to the system and the printer.
  • If the USB port is helping in connecting the devices, try another USB port on your computer.
  • If you still face any issues, try using another USB cable and see if it’s working.

Winding up:

We hope the guide has helped you understand the concept of the print and scan doctor. Following the guide, you can install the tool anytime and reinstall it if any problem appears. The tool is a prominent feature of hp printers. It assists users in troubleshooting several printer issues and fixing them smartly.

Nonetheless, feel free to connect with our printer specialist and experts for help and suggestions regarding the printer and relevant issues.