HP Printer Not Printing

A common problem that HP users face is their HP printer not printing. For a majority of average printer users, this problem catches them by surprise as they try hard to determine why their printing isn’t printing. Well, after much investigation, it has been found that the prime causes behind it include a poor connection, improper Windows configuration, or an outdated printer driver.

HP Printer Not Printing

If you face this error message, it is on these criteria that you should direct your troubleshooting. Fortunately, eliminating this error message is not an extremely long or difficult process. There are plenty of fixes available for you to try. In this article, we’ll go over all of them to help you get rid of this problem. 

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Basic checks to carry when HP Printer Won’t Print


When the HP Printer doesn’t print or respond to your commands, you must carry out certain checks. Only after that, proceed to the measures given here.

  • Ensure that your printing device is switched on. It should have sufficient paper in the tray as well as ink.
  • You must see no errors related to the printer.
  • Check for blinking lights. You shouldn’t be able to find them.
  • Next, check whether your printer is in sleep mode. If it is, hit the ‘Power’ button.
  • You must also be certain of compatible ink or toner cartridges. If you have installed incorrect cartridges, your printer will not print. 
  • There should be no errors on the Control Panel. Fix them before starting the printer.
  • Finally, turn off your printer and switch it off after 30 seconds.


Solutions for HP Printer Not Printing Problem

After carrying out the basic steps, you can follow these solutions if your printer doesn’t print. These solutions will troubleshoot your printing woes, so you can perform your tasks.


Install a new HP printer driver. 

If your printer driver is obsolete, it will interfere with the printing commands you give. So, reinstalling the printer driver will help you fix the glitch that an old driver causes. 

  • Go to the ‘Start’ menu. From there, launch the ‘Device Manager.’
  • Expand the option of ‘Print Queue’ and right-tap your HP printer driver. 
  • Now, from the menu, select ‘Uninstall device.’
  • Adhere to the instructions you see on your screen to complete this process. 
  • After that, launch the window of Device Manager. 
  • Right-tap the first option you see in the Device Manager window. 
  • Now, tap ‘Scan for hardware changes.’
  • Your new printer driver will be automatically installed. 


Ensure that the Function Discovery services are currently running.

You need to ensure that the Windows Function Discovery services begin automatically and are running. Follow these points for checking and ensuring that. 

  • Launch the Control Panel and tap ‘View Devices and Printers.’
  • Right-tap your printing device and choose ‘Printer Properties.’
  • Now, tap the ‘Ports’ tab. 
  • Locate the WSD port. 
  • When you find one, ensure that you have selected its checkbox. 
  • Now, open ‘Services’ in Windows. 
  • In the list, locate ‘Function Discovery Provider Host’ and ‘Function Discovery Resource Publication.’
  • Ensure that both their status is ‘Running.’
  • The ‘Startup Type’ should be ‘Automatic.’
  • After that, exit the services window. 


Ensure that your printer is configured as default

Your system designates the printing task to your default printer. So, if your current HP printer is not the default one, it won’t print anything. Users who don’t set their current HP printer as the default one often wonder why is my HP printer not printing. Here are the points to choosing your printer as default.

  • Use the Windows key and R together to open the ‘Run’ box. Use it to visit the ‘Control Panel’ section.
  • Choose ‘Devices and Printer’ in this area. Right-tap on your current printing device and the ‘Printers’ area.
  • Now, choose ‘Set as default printer.’
  • If you are asked to confirm it, click ‘Yes.’
  • You will notice a checkmark under the symbol of your printing device. It implies that it’s a default printer now.


Make a TCP/IP port.

An effective way to fix the HP printer not printing problem is to make a TCP/IP port. Here are the steps to creating it.

  • Firstly, print a network configuration report. 
  • On the page of this report, locate the IP address of your printer.
  • Now, open ‘Printers & Scanners’ in Windows.
  • Hit your printer and choose ‘Manage.’
  • Tap ‘Printer Properties’ followed by ‘Add Port.’ It will be in the ‘Ports’ tab.
  • Choose ‘Standard TCP/IP port’ and hit ‘New Port.’
  • Now, enter the IP address of your printing device and tap ‘Next.’
  • Opt for the new standard TCP/IP port and hit ‘Next.’


Repair files by running System File Checker scan.

System File Checker or SFC is a great Windows functionality that scans your computer files. It then repairs corrupted or damaged files. After repairing the files, you won’t complain that my HP printer is not printing

  • Hit the Windows logo key present on the keyboard. Now, input CMD. 
  • Right-tap ‘Command Prompt’ followed by tapping ‘Run as Administrator.’
  • When you are given a prompt to confirm your action, tap ‘Yes.’
  • In the window of Command Prompt, input ‘sfc /scannow.’
  • Now, hit Enter on your keyboard. 
  • SFC will take a few minutes to substitute damaged system files with the new files. 
  • After the scan completes, start your system again. 
  • Now see if your printer is printing properly. 


Clear the stuck print queue. 

If you have tried all the fixes above but are still wondering why won’t my HP printer print, it may be because of a stuck print queue. Clear all the stuck print jobs by following these points. 

  • Go to Control Panel and launch ‘Devices and Printers.’
  • Right-tap on your printer and choose ‘See what’s printing.’
  • Launch the ‘Printer’ menu and choose ‘Open as Administrator.’
  • Open the Printer menu once more and choose ‘Cancel all documents.’
  • Confirm this action by tapping ‘Yes.’


Final Words 

There are many resolutions and simple checks to use for the HP printer not printing problem. Most commonly, updating the driver, configuring your printer as default, and making a new port fixes the issue. But if you don’t find them helpful, it indicates a deeper technical problem. In that case, you must speak to an expert printer technical support professional.