The HP Smart app makes printing and scanning tasks effortless for users. This free app has tools that allow you to do everything on your HP Printer. You can use it to check ink levels, scan, and set the printer wirelessly. Moreover, you can also use the app to order print supplies from the official HP page. The app also comes packed with Print Anywhere, or Mobile Fax features to perform crucial tasks on the go!

There are many more useful features that this app offers. But to leverage them, you need to download and install the Smart app correctly. If any problems arise, you can quickly get support through it. 

hp smart app

What Should You Know About HP Smart App?

HP has developed this application to simplify printing processes in a central place. Users only need to perform the HP Smart app download and installation on the device to print from. After that, you can use the app to set up the printer connection. By installing this utility, you also install all HP drivers required to print and scan.


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The following are its key features.

  • Apart from helping you set up your printer, the app can be used to order your printer supplies.
  • Manage your HP account through the app.
  • Post scanning a document or an image, save it as a JPEG or a PDF format file to your cloud storage.
  • The in-built fax functionality aids in sending mobile fax safely.
  • Manage and print anything from your printer using any network connection.
  • If you are unhappy with how your scan appears, use the app to add filters, crop, and modify the brightness and contrast. 
  • In addition, the HP Smart app enables you to add text however you like.
  • There is also 24/7 in-built printer security that the app offers. 
  • Gain access to printable such as cards and learning resources using the app for free. 


Requirements for Installing the HP Smart App?

Are you excited about leveraging these great features of the Smart app? Here are the crucial requirements before installing the HP Smart printer app.

  • You must have an HP+ eligible printer manufactured in 2010 or later.
  • An HP account is mandatory.
  • Users must employ original HP supplies. 
  • A strong internet connection.  


Steps for HP Smart App Download and Installation

Downloading and installing this app takes no more than a minute’s time. Just follow these simple instructions.

  • Android and Apple iOS users should visit to download the app.
  • Windows and Mac users can visit the HP Smart Microsoft Store and HP Smart Mac App Store, respectively.
  • After downloading the app, you will get all the instructions to install it on your screen.


Setting up Your Printer with HP Smart App for Windows

After installing the app, follow these points for printer setup using this app. They’ll ensure that you can start using the app instantly.

  • Keep the printer and the computer or smartphone close to the Wi-Fi router.
  • Next, connect to your network. It is essential to use a Wi-Fi connection. 
  • Turn on Bluetooth on your device so that HP Smart can identify the printer during this process.
  • Ensure your Windows system has the latest updates.
  • Turn on the mobile device location service so the HP Smart app can use your location to find the printer.
  • Select the correct printer.


TIP: Never choose a printing device having ‘DIRECT’ in its name. It is solely for Wi-Fi Direct connections.

  • Launch the app.
  • The app will detect and set up the printer if you are a first-time user. Otherwise, click ‘Add printer‘ to find it.
  • Choose ‘Wi-Fi,’ ‘USB,’ or ‘Network‘ on the connection type screen. 
  • Use the on-screen steps to finish the setup. 


Print and Scan Via the HP Smart App

It’s easy to start printing and scanning after completing HP Smart download and installation. Go through these points to print an image or document.

  • Open your Android device.
  • You can print from dropbox, Google Drive, or any other social media platform.
  • Go to the app, and click the ‘Print documents’
  • Now, the printing process will begin.


Scan from your HP printer.

You can begin scanning by putting the document or image on the scanner glass. Then follow these steps.

  • Go to the Smart app, and choose the scanning type you prefer.
  • Choose ‘Settings‘ and select the input source.
  • Now, click ‘Done.’
  • Choose the ‘Scan‘ option to adjust the borders. 


Scan using your phone’s camera.

You can use your mobile camera to scan any document in a PDF file. It’s also possible to scan an image and save it as a JPEG file on your phone.

  • Launch the Smart app, and select your phone. 
  • Now choose the scan type you want.
  • If you have an Android phone, click either of the following options:
  • Camera scan to cloud
  • Camera scan to email
  • Document capture
  • You will see the preview of the scan after tapping the picture. 
  • Use the blue dots to adjust the border. 


How to Check Ink Levels and Printer Settings with HP Smart App

The smart app makes examining ink levels, order supplies, printer configuration, and information reports extremely easy. Follow these points to do these things.

  • Tap the supported cartridge and order it by tapping the ‘Buy now‘ option.
  • To get information about your printer’s settings, use the ‘Printer Information’
  • If you want to change settings such as Quiet Mode and Paper Trays, go to ‘Printer Settings’ in the smart app.
  • If you need information about your configuration page and reports on print quality diagnostic, choose ‘Printer Reports.’
  • Click ‘Print quality tools‘ in the app to perform maintenance tasks like aligning ink cartridges and cleaning printheads. 
  • Go to ‘Printer Settings’ in the app to learn about your printer status, serial number, and firmware version.


Save Your Time and Money Using the HP Smart App

This app makes it effortless to print, scan, order supplies, and check printer information on the go. So, use it if you want to leverage smart printing. Remember that you need an HP account and a supported printer. In case you require further assistance, talk to a printer technical support service.